CancerConnect Announces Recent Updates to the Sarcoma Information Center

CancerConnect Announces Recent Updates to the Sarcoma Information Center

Sun Valley, Idaho and Fort Worth, Texas – As of April 1, 2016 CancerConnect has completed our most recent updates to our Sarcoma Information Center.  There have recently been several significant advances in the treatment of soft tissue sarcoma and we have summarized these latest findings and added them to our comprehensive, in-depth content.

As part of CancerConnect’s ongoing mission to provide interested individuals, cancer patients, and their families and caregivers with access to the most current information about the prevention, screening, treatment, and overall management of cancer, we regularly update our content with recent, ground-breaking findings in all aspects of cancer prevention and care. Our almost thirty unique Cancer Information Centers cover a broad range of cancer types and subtypes, each providing readers with up-to-date disease overviews as well as the latest information on screening, prevention, and treatment. Each information center also features links to late-breaking news, tips for patients, newsletter subscriptions, clinical trials information, online communities, and more.

Get the facts about sarcoma treatment, and survivorship, and stay up to date with ongoing sarcoma research that could impact your treatment decisions through our daily cancer news.

Updates to the Sarcoma Information Center include the management of stage IIIIII, and IV soft tissue sarcoma.

For more of the latest information on sarcoma, visit the Sarcoma Information Center.


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Charles H. Weaver, MD