CancerConsultants Announces Recent Updates to the Financial Resource Center

As of April 23, 2008, has completed our most recent updates to our Financial Resource Center, adding new guidelines to help patients and caregivers understand and resolve the financial and insurance issues that may accompany a diagnosis of cancer.

As part of Cancer Consultants’ ongoing mission to provide interested individuals, cancer patients, and their families and caregivers with access to the most current information about the prevention, screening, treatment, and overall management of cancer, we regularly update our content with recent, ground-breaking findings in all aspects of cancer prevention and care. Our almost thirty unique Cancer Information Centers and Support and Resource Centers cover a broad range of cancer topics, offering patients and caregivers insight into all aspects of the cancer experience, including ways to effectively manage medical costs so that care and well-being remain the focus of the cancer journey.

Featured Financial Resource Update:
You Have More People in Your Corner than You Realize

By reaching out to friends, family members, business associates, and supportive organizations, you may well discover a world of hope and possibility that you never knew existed.

While no two individuals’ illnesses are exactly the same, there is one thing that everyone with a life-threatening illness shares: Time is of the essence. So in order to expedite matters, it is often advisable to have a lawyer, accountant or financial advisor (discussed further in Step 2) to help you analyze the situation and choose the proactive options that best serve your particular circumstances.

Some people are able to keep working and earn an income while they deal with their illness, which in turn allows them to organize things at a more relaxed pace. For those whose option to work is no longer feasible, the old adage Time Is Money takes on a whole new meaning. Bills keep coming even as income from work is sharply curtailed—or stopped entirely—and the result is all too often a level of stress that is totally counter-productive to healing.

That is why it is vital that you address your financial affairs as soon as possible even if it means asking for help. Once you take a deep breath, start to organize things, and set up a basic plan of action, the rest will begin to fall into place. The sooner you get the organizational ball rolling, the better.

For more of the latest information on financial and insurance issues related to cancer, visit the Financial ResourceCenter.