CancerConsultants™ Launches New Internet Application to Facilitate Clinical Trials Accrual

Ketchum, ID — May 14, 2001 —™, Inc. has launched a new Internet application to facilitate clinical trials accrual.

The program allows customers, such as biopharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and physician practices, to license an Internet-based application that enables them to simultaneously publish in-depth clinical trial information on their own web sites, as well as on™, thereby improving patient access to clinical trials.™ markets these clinical trials to the 30,000-50,000 cancer patients who visit™ each month.

“We are excited to offer this product to our practice web sites and hospital customers. We believe this dual publication of clinical trials information helps make provider web sites more useful, while simultaneously marketing the cancer program and clinical trials to more patients through™,” said Charles Weaver, CEO of™.

The™ application was developed as part of a comprehensive physician practice web site program that positions oncology practices as the information providers in their marketplace. The program allows hospitals and practices to market their clinical trials to interested patients as well as to brand themselves rather than co-branding themselves with other web sites.™ generates its revenue through application licensing fees, as opposed to individual trial listing fees or accrual fees.™ also utilizes cancer information specialists to perform custom clinical trial searches on behalf of patients. Patients using™ may be linked directly to sites performing trials without registering or providing confidential information.

The new clinical trials application is a response to the increasing demand for easier access to cancer information. After extensive market research to evaluate how and why cancer patients use the Internet,™ learned that patients rated clinical trials information as the most important Internet service, with 60% of patients actively seeking access to clinical trials.

“Although clinical trials are crucial for improving cancer treatment, fewer than 5% of cancer patients actually participate in clinical trials. By removing some of the barriers to enrollment, the Internet will significantly increase clinical trials accrual,” Weaver said.

The Internet is a vehicle for real-time distribution of information directly to cancer patients and their families. The simultaneous publication of clinical trials information on institution web sites, biopharmaceutical web sites and™ will expand the reach of this information and facilitate clinical trials accrual.™ is the emerging model for facilitating access and accrual to oncology clinical trials. Unlike other services,™ only lists oncology clinical trials and provides these trials in the context of over 5,000 pages of cancer treatment information. By serving as an educational resource,™ not only lists oncology clinical trials, but also provides a greater understanding of how clinical trials may fit into the overall management plan of an individual patient.