OMNI Health Media Announces New Cost-Effective Targeted Advertising Programs in Women Magazine

OMNI Health Media Announces New Cost-Effective Targeted Advertising Programs in Women Magazine

Fort Worth TX/Sun Valley ID—OMNI Health Media is pleased to announce two new advertising programs in Women magazine, its premier health and wellness magazine covering issues important to women. The new Geo-targeted and Specialty-targeted distribution programs will allow advertisers to reach their target audiences in a more cost-effective manner while providing additional reach at no cost with each issue.

Women is currently available through subscription, via retail vendors, and through select specialty clinics and care providers, including oncology, rheumatology, dermatology, and gastroenterology clinics and hospitals.

Charles Weaver, MD, Founder and Executive Editor of Women, says, “Print media remains a critical component of the marketing mix, but the prevalence of online advertising has accustomed advertisers to more targeted, measurable results. OMNI’s new targeting programs are designed to bring this model to print by ensuring advertisers only pay for reaching their targeted audience and provide significant added value in terms of additional reach at no additional costs.”

Specialty and Geo-targeted Distribution
Through the “Specialty- and Geo-targeted Distribution” model, Women is distributed through multiple channels in order to maximize our reach into highly valued, targeted audiences. Our distribution network focuses on physicians’ offices, clinics, and hospitals, and also includes retail outlets and a motivated consumer subscription base.

Targeted advertising in Women provides clients with a unique opportunity to reach their unique audience in a cost-effective manner:  Advertisers can purchase space to reach the entire Women magazine distribution base or can target specific specialty clinic or geographic distribution, thereby ensuring that they are only paying for a specific targeted audience. (Circulation ranges between 50,000 and 250,000, depending on advertiser demand per issue.)

Clients may select from one of three distribution options that best meets their advertising objectives:

  • Specialty-targeted Distribution ensures clients pay only for the targeted reach they seek among specialty audiences, but still benefit from the total reach and distribution of the Women. An advertiser wishing to promote a product or service aimed at arthritis patients, for example, might request distribution among rheumatology clinics, ensuring their message is distributed directly to the patient group they most want to target.
  • Geo-targeted Distribution is designed to help hospitals and clinics reach their target audiences or allow industry to engage in market segmentation. This cost-effective marketing program enables advertisers to run focused campaigns in regional markets while exposing their brands to a national audience if desired. A hospital in Seattle, for instance, might want to reach individuals living within 500 miles. Women can be distributed to all clinics and hospitals in that region, ensuring the advertisement is in every healthcare provider’s waiting room in the area. Geo-targeted distribution allows regional advertisers to blanket their market areas with their messages while at the same time providing national exposure—without paying national advertising rates. Bids for Geo-Targeted Distribution are provided upon request.

About Women Magazine
Women is a premier health and wellness magazine covering issues important to women, including nutrition, exercise, and spiritual and emotional topics. In addition, Women publishes regular features on cancer, bone and joint health, heart health, rheumatoid arthritis, and gastrointestional conditions. Women empowers readers to take charge of their health and recognizes the unique role women play in fostering the overall health of their families and friends. In print and online at, timely features, current news items, website exclusives, and archived issues are easily accessible and provide the most in-depth women’s health resources available today. Women is published quarterly and is distributed nationwide to subscribers,  retail outlets, physicians, hospitals, and advocacy groups.

About OMNI Health Media: OMNI Health Media is a leading specialty developer of websites and internet applications in health care with a focus on Cancer, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, and Woman’s Health. Established in 1996, OMNI develops and distributes multi-media health education content and programming, has developed over 350 websites and supplies educational content and programming to over 2200 physicians for use on their clinic websites, including OMNI’s award-wining content programs reach over 1 million seekers of cancer information in English, Japanese, and Spanish each month.

About OMNI-Connect: OMNI-Connect is the leading private-label social network used by physicians, hospitals, and clinics to create community and provide support for their patients. OMNI-Connect can be used to create communities for any disease state. This unique online application was developed by OMNI Health Media and combines a robust information platform consisting of current comprehensive information on cancer with a social network.  The OMNI Connect application is also used by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Loyola University Medical Center, The Ohio State James Cancer Institute, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and other leading providers of cancer care. UCSF has licensed the OMNI Connect Application to create, an online genetic counseling resource for patients with hereditary cancers and their families. OMNI has also developed theRAConnection, a similar community for those diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and theGIConnection, is being developed for patients with gastrointestinal disease, and will be released later this month.

The CancerConnect application is available as a fully functional private-label social network for people with cancer, their caregivers. CancerConnect is licensed to hospitals and cancer clinics to enhance their websites, improve SEO, and allow cancer patients to be part of a social community without leaving the clinic. Disease-specific groups, as well as groups focused on care giving, health and wellness, and nutrition all exist to provide support for anyone affected by a diagnosis of cancer. CancerConnect is used by leading cancer care providers including Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, The Ohio State James Cancer Institute, and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Learn more about how CancerConnect is making a difference in this recent blog by Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.