Omni Health Media Launches Online Communities for Memorial Sloan-Kettering and Roswell Park Cancer Centers

For Immediate Release August 30, 2010

Omni Health Media Launches Online Communities for Memorial Sloan-Kettering and Roswell Park Cancer Centers

Ketchum/Sun Valley, Idaho August 30, 2010—Omni Health Media, a leading specialty publisher of cancer-related information, websites, and applications specifically for consumers, has developed online communities for two major New York based cancer centers, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York City, and Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) in Buffalo.

OMNI developed the new social media web application in order to enhance cancer center, clinic, or advocacy web strategies by providing a safe and secure environment for existing and potential patients to interact.  This application is called CancerConnect, ( ) and it is essentially a “Facebook” exclusively for cancer patients and their caregivers that exists on the cancer care provider websites to provide a community for patients to interact without leaving the website. This truly unique application was recently launched by Memorial Sloan-Kettering and Roswell Park Cancer Centers.   Like all of OMNI programs, CancerConnect is a stand alone, fully functional – private label product that is designed to enhance a cancer center or clinics on line strategy.

The community created for RPCI ( is a “private label” community that exists within the platform. This allows patients, caregivers, and others affiliated with RPCI to join the community on the RPCI website and be part of the RPCI community, moderated by RPCI staff moderators, but they can also connect with individuals who are part of the larger, national forum. RPCI patients can have discussions with other patients from around the country and the world in the over thirty (30) communities of individuals with similar interests in the area of cancer. Disease-specific groups as well as groups focused on care giving, health and wellness and nutrition all exist to provide support for anyone affected by a diagnosis of cancer.

The social network created for MSKCC ( ) is an independent, private community for their patients, caregivers and friends.  The community addresses many non-clinical areas of interest to patients including discussion forums for parents of children being treated at the center, an online gallery for patients to upload their artwork and a venue to discuss complementary therapies. In addition, password protected forums are being developed specifically for teen patients. The site is moderated by MSKCC staff who are available to support members with questions about the site or who seek help related to the logistics of their treatment.

“We are delighted to be able to work with these prestigious institutions to offer these applications that enhance their internet strategy and support for people with cancer.  By providing a safe, secure environment where individuals facing a cancer diagnosis can interact free of the other distractions inherent on the internet we provide patients and their caregivers the opportunity to interact and find what they are seeking,” explains Charles Weaver, MD, a medical oncologist and CEO of OMNI Health Media.  “As the Cancer Connect membership approaches 1000 patients, witnessing the power of this social media that allows individuals with cancer to connect and interact for support and information is truly remarkable and inspiring.”

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