OmniHealthMedia Launches Launches West Michigan Regional Cancer and Blood Center Web site

For Immediate Release June 15, 2011

OmniHealthMedia Launches Launches West Michigan Regional Cancer and Blood Center Web site

Ketchum, ID — June 15, 2011 — OmniHealthMedia (OMNI) is pleased to announce the launch of The West Michigan Regional Cancer and Blood Center Web site serving the leading oncology practice in the West Michigan. The site,, will serve as a leading educational resource for patients by providing in depth patient content, including a daily cancer news service, cancer overviews, treatment options and clinical trials. This resource rich site will also provide a current listing of each clinical trial being conducted and tools to assist patients’ interactions with the 3 physicians of West Michigan Regional Cancer and Blood Center.

The Oncology Net Guide recently ranked OMNI’s as one of the best online patient education resources. “This independent Web site is among the most well-traveled of its kind,” the article reports. The article praises for its content, making note of features such as the daily news, cancer tips, the provider directory, and the drug dictionary.  Included in Oncology Net Guide’s top “General Oncology Resources” with are the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute,, the National Cancer Survivorship Coalition and OncoLink. 

OMNI’s web development and content syndication platform allows oncology clinics, hospitals, and advocacy organizations to use the similar content available on CancerConnect under a private label which positions each clinic, hospital or organization as the leading online oncology destination in their market.

In a statement regarding the recent online ranking, Charles H. Weaver, MD, founder and managing editor of CancerConnect states, “the recognition of as one of the leading oncology Internet destinations is the result of over eight years of work developing a leading oncology portal, during which we have assembled a senior medical writing group and excellent scientific advisors. Each year our platform continues to offer patients and their families new content and services.” now distributes patient education content to websites to major markets in over 40 states and we are pleased to add West Michigan Regional Cancer to that growing list. All sites use custom oncology applications developed by in addition to’s proprietary award-winning content on the management of cancer.

About OMNI Health Media: OMNI Health Media is a leading specialty publisher of women’s health & wellness, cancer-related information, websites, and content specifically for consumers. Established in 1996, OMNI develops and distributes multi-media health education content and programming, with an emphasis on cancer and women’s health.  OMNI has developed over 200 websites and supplies educational content and programming to over 2000 physicians for use on cancer center and clinic web sites. OMNI’s award-wining content programs reach over 1 million seekers of cancer information in English, Japanese, and Spanish each month. For more information, go to

About CancerConnect: CancerConnect is a fully functional online community and social network that encourages people with cancer and those who care for them to share information, inspiration, hope, and support.  CancerConnect combines best-of-class content and news with this online community to enable cancer patients and their caregivers to communicate with each other in a confidential and secure environment. 

Owned by OMNI Health Media, CancerConnect has been a leader in providing cancer patients and their families with timely accurate information since 1995. Visitors to CancerConnect have access to comprehensive, current information on all aspects of the management of cancer and the added value of connecting with other patients who share their specific disease, such as breast, colon, prostate, and lung cancer. Disease-specific groups as well as groups focused on care giving, health and wellness, and nutrition all exist to provide support for anyone affected by a diagnosis of cancer. Members of CancerConnect can access information, ask questions, share experiences, and connect with others who share their issues—all at a single destination. They can also participate in communities with broader concerns like nutrition and spirituality.

CancerConnect is used by hospitals and cancer clinics to enhance their Web sites and allow cancer patients to be part of an online community without leaving the providers’ website. OMNI Health Media manages the CancerConnect communities for Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, and many other leading cancer centers and private clinics. Moreover through partnerships with the National Patient Advocate Foundation, The Prostate Cancer Research Institute, The Lymphoma Research Foundation and other advocacy organizations, CancerConnect provides a best of class fully moderated social media experience. For more information contact