PV Reporter Launches CancerConnect Social Media Platform

PV Reporter Launches CancerConnect Social Media Platform

Ketchum/Sun Valley ID– With the launch of the CancerConnect online community, PV Reporter now offers a specialized social network for individuals affected by Myeloproliferative Neoplasms where they can be part of a broader and growing community to share information and provide support. PV Reporter CancerConnect Community is now available at http://mpnsupport.pvreporter.com/ come join the conversation.

“People with cancer and their caregivers need ongoing access to support—not just during a brief office visit with their physician, but when they go home and do research. They need help during sleepless nights as well as busy days,” explains Charles Weaver, MD, a medical oncologist and CEO of OMNI Health Media. “We are pleased that leading groups like PV Reporter select CancerConnect as the preferred social media application for use on their websites for their patients and caregivers. MPN is a chronic and relatively uncommon condition. CancerConnect will provide a safe and secure environment where MPN patients can share information, provide support, and validate their experience with others as they learn to manage and cope with their disease.”

Members of the PV Reporter community will have access to discussion groups on PV, ET, and MF as well as groups focused on caregiving, wellness and nutrition, among other topics. By bringing together MPN patients from leading cancer centers, CancerConnect, the MPNRF and The PV Reporter, patients will have the broadest degree of interaction to connect with others to share information and support. Members can learn from leading cancer experts, ask questions, share experiences and connect with others who share their issues in a secure, confidential environment.

PV Reporter community is now available at http://mpnsupport.pvreporter.com/

About PV Reporter

PV Reporter was created to provide “easy access” to pertinent information on Polycythemia Vera (PV), Essential Thrombocythemia (ET) and Myelofibrosis (MF) by utilizing a custom search engine, MPN Search, which indexes research data, reports, stories, and news items from some of the best reference sources in the MPN world. PV Reporter was founded by David Wallace after being diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera in 2009.  David began utilizing social media to connect with “informed patients” and developed a better understanding of emerging treatment options. His philosophy on patient care is straight forward – “educating the patient is essential, so the patient can guide the physician to meet his or her needs.” David assists newly diagnosed PV patients via his website, email and the new PV Reporter community will aid in this effort. In 2016, he was awarded the MPN Hero in the category of Commitment to the Broader MPN community.

About CancerConnect

CancerConnect.com is a leading social network for cancer patients, their friends, and family. This unique online application was developed by OMNI Health Media and combines a robust information platform consisting of current comprehensive information on cancer with a social network. It is populated with rich content to support the many ongoing needs of individuals battling cancer and is comprised of communities of individuals with similar interests in the area of cancer.

The Cancer Connect Social Medial Application can be accessed directly or is available as a fully functional “private label” social network for people with cancer, their caregivers, and others who are interested in staying up-to-date about the set of diseases known as cancer. PV Reporter along with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition and leading cancer centers like Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, The University of California, The Ohio State James Cancer Inst and other leading Advocacy Groups and Cancer clinics provide community, connection and support with CancerConnect.

CancerConnect is licensed to hospitals and cancer clinics to enhance their websites, improve SEO, and allow cancer patients to be part of a social community without leaving the clinic. Disease-specific groups as well as groups focused on care giving, health and wellness, and nutrition all exist to provide support for anyone affected by a diagnosis of cancer.

About OMNI Health Media

OMNI Health Media (OMNI) is a leading specialty Website and Application developer and publisher of consumer health information. OMNI has developed and manages CancerConnect, theGIConnection, theRAConnection, and theSpineCommunity. These social communities can be accessed directly or used by gastroenterologists, oncologists, and rheumatologists to provide support and build community on their websites for their patients in a safe, secure, moderated environment.

Originally established in 1996 as a cancer patient education resource, OMNI has consistently expanded its platform by integrating technologic advances with its health information content, applications and services. OMNI has been recognized for producing award-winning, multi-media content which reaches over 1.5 million health information seekers in English, Japanese, and Spanish every month.

OMNI Health Media also produces and manages Women magazine, and The Web Chats with the Experts interactive series featuring thought leaders from institutions such as Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Johns Hopkins, Yale, and other prominent health centers.

Contact chweaver@omnihealthmedia.com