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The CancerConnect, App-is a unique tool to help cancer hospitals and clinics fulfill their mission of providing patient support. In addition to providing patient support, the Cancer Connect App can also help you increase referrals, improve patient retention and satisfaction, and raise awareness of your mission and brand by creating community on your website and extending this to thousands of other cancer patients that might not be aware of your program. Cancer Connect was designed specifically to meet the needs of cancer patients and their providers by actual patients and oncologists. Cancer Connect is the ultimate patient engagement tool and is integrated seamlessly into your Cancer Center or Clinic website. Cancer Connect;

  • Connects patients to your cancer program under your brand allowing them to receive and offer support 24/7. Our moderators run the program so no additional staffing is required.
  • Improves patient satisfaction and retention by keeping patients connected to you.
  • Generates new referrals through the power of 1 to 1 marketing. When your patients share their experience in the community it endorses your program and encourages other patients to seek a consult from your cancer center.
    • Our recent partnerships with leading advocacy groups like the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition and the MPNRF gives you access to new patients.
  • Cancer Connect Offers a comprehensive Marketing Partnership as part of membership: We distribute your Cancer Program news to over 150,000 patients every month, feature your experts in Women Magazine, on line at CancerConnect, and in our Web Chats with The Experts series extending your content and programs to over 500,00 cancer patients every month.
  • Own your own data: Why use FB? Why encourage your patients to join a community on FB? How will FB use your data in the future, its much better to build your own community and own the relationships with your patients.
  • Grateful patient giving; Cancer Connect allows you to build a database of connected grateful patients to interact with.

CancerConnect Social is now successfully in use by Harvard Dana-Farber, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Univ of California, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, The James Ohio State Cancer Center, Beth Israel, New England Deaconess and many clinics and advocacy groups around the US. The slide below shows the results of this “turn key” program implemented at Dana Farber and MSKCC.

Recently launched sites include: The MPNRF, IBDSF, National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, Lynne Cohen Foundation and Beth Israel.

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