OMNI Connect

OMNI Connect is the leading social media Application for clinics and hospitals to support their patients, create community, and extend their brand to patients, and caregivers. Cancer Connect, theGIConnection, theRAConnection, and Kintalk are patient engagement communities for individuals with cancer, GI conditions, rheumatoid arthritis and people with hereditary cancers.

Cancer Connect can be accessed directly or integrated seamlessly a Cancer Center, Clinics, or Advocacy Group website in order to provide support, increases referrals, and improve patient retention and satisfaction by creating community.

CancerConnect is now successfully in use by Harvard Dana-Farber, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Univ of California, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, The James Ohio State Cancer Center and many clinics around the US. The CancerConnect Application is fully moderated and provides a custom Facebook type community.  Instead of sending your patients to join a FB group where they interact in an un-moderated, insecure environment, providers can now build their own community and extend their brand while supporting their patients and generating new referrals.  Lastly the App addresses ACA mandated survivorship and patient engagement issues.

The slide shows the results of the Cancer Connect program implemented at Memorial Sloan Kettering where their cancer patients share, support, and inspire each other.

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TheRAConnection-available for Rheumatology Clinics

TheGIConnection-available for Gastroenterology Clinics.

Kintalk-available for genetic counseling of hereditary cancers.