CancerConnect Live Web Chat with the Expert

CancerConnect Live Web Chat with the Expert is an online patient education program that encourages interactive discussions with thought leaders in oncology to help facilitate informed treatment decision-making and encourages interaction and engagement within the CancerConnect community.

  • 45 minute program with a brief presentation by expert followed by live Q&A
  • The opportunity to engage directly with experts in the field of oncology during a live presentation is truly unique.
  • The Live Web Chats also provide an opportunity for our partners to increase visibility of their programs and resources and engage their community.

CancerConnect Web Chats impact thousands of patients and caregivers in their search for quality online information. Web Chats are promoted through the CancerConnect community, which currently includes over 14,000 patients. Archived Web Chats are available on multiple channels for one year to optimize their reach, including the following:

Additional promotion includes newsletters, news feeds, and social media engagement with patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals who regularly interact with OMNI content and programs.

  • 200,000 patients, caregivers, and other consumers who regularly interact with OMNI content and programs.
  • 150 cancer clinics representing approximately 2,200 oncologists who license this cancer-news specific feed
  • 10 advocacy groups

Other promotional strategies include Google and bing newsfeeds as well as facebook, Twitter and Women magazine.

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