Content & Syndication

Content Development

For 15 years Omni Health Media has provided health and wellness content creation and editorial services for consumer and professional audiences across a variety of platforms.  A dedicated team of writers, editors, and communication professionals regularly produce content that includes website copy, marketing materials, medical news, and in-depth disease- and health-related editorial content. In our own branded sites (, and publications (Women magazine) and in custom publishing and other content projects for clients around the country, our talented team creates and edits content that is well-written, thoroughly researched, and targeted.

Content Syndication

Below is a list of our content that is currently available for syndication.

Core Oncology Content Package: Clinics may license a core content package of over 2000 pages of clinical information that is dynamically maintained and updated daily. This package consists of the following modules:

Newly Diagnosed Module: provides detailed information that newly diagnosed cancer patients and their family members will find beneficial. It answers many frequently asked questions.

Cancer Treatment Information Module: provides OMNI’s cancer treatment information including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, hormonal therapy, stem cell transplant, biologic therapy, complementary medicine and information regarding 50+ side effects.

Cancer Dictionary Module: contains a cancer dictionary and glossary of over 5,000 medical terms commonly used in oncology/hematology.

Oncology Drug Profiles: provides drug sheet monographs of over 125 chemotherapy, supportive care and biologic agents commonly used in cancer care. Drug profiles are updated as appropriate.

Testing Module: provides an overview of all the laboratory tests and imaging procedures related to detecting, diagnosing and monitoring cancer.

Clinical Trials Tutorial: provides patients with an overview of the clinical trials process. An optional searchable database of clinical trials being conducted at your cancer center is also available for an additional fee that not only lists your trials in an easy to search format on your website, but promotes them nationally on

Patient Support and Resources: provides suggestions and tips for the emotional portion of the cancer journey as well as practical materials such as hints for healing, inspiration, advanced directives, support groups, journaling, meditation and life after treatment.

Links & Resources: provides all the information patients and their family members will need including a directory of online resources to other organizations focused on the cancer patient. We provide over 100 such links that can be customized as desired.

Texas Oncology
The Mark H. Zangmeister Center

Cancer News Service: Our cancer news service ensures new information is available on client websites weekly: this enhances search engine optimization, provides patients with access to “peer reviewed” information a reason to visit often. OMNI’s team of medical editors writes ~ 600 cancer news stories each year; that are seamlessly provided to client websites. Our medical writers cover data from published clinical trials that address potentially important aspects of patient care. The goal with all news items is to place the findings in a context that will be meaningful to patients and enhance their dialogue with their physician.

Susan Komen Foundation
Montana Cancer Center

Health & Wellness Content: Recent market research conducted by OMNI with 1500 online seekers of cancer information found that 54% of those surveyed wanted more information on Nutrition, Exercise, Emotional Well Being, and other general health & wellness topics. To meet this need we have developed a new content section and news service available for license. Examples…

William E. Kahlert Regional Cancer Center

Understanding Cancer Video Series: This comprehensive educational video series is designed to provide educational content where patients and caregivers can look, listen, and learn. News, real survivor stories, conference coverage, cancer 101, and health, wellness, and nutrition programming are seamlessly integrated into client websites.

Alexian Brothers Health System

Spanish Content: This module provides a core Spanish content educational platform including information in the “Newly Diagnosed”, “Types of Cancer”, “Cancer Treatment” and “Testing” modules. Clinic-specific content can be provided by the clinic for inclusion or OMNI, can provide a bid for translation.