Custom Applications

On Line Donations:
This application allows your facility to accept credit card donations from a site visitor through your website for any of your not for profit or other types of programs.

Understanding Cancer
Understanding Cancer is a comprehensive video series where cancer patients and caregivers can look, listen, and learn. The series is packed with real news, real survivors, real stories, and real information…because with cancer, things tend to get real very fast.
Omni announces a next generation web application to further enrich your clinic website and improve the user experience for your cancer patients. We have created a way for you to build an online community for your patients at your clinic. It is truly unique in that it is a stand alone and a fully functional, private label social network for people with cancer, their caregivers, and others who are interested in staying up-to-date about cancer. Why should your patients rely on less focused and private social media networks like Facebook when this service can be provided through your website? CancerConnect is a simple turn key solution that allows individual patients in your clinic to interact with each other and interact with other patients around the US without leaving your clinic.

Spanish Translation
This module provides Spanish translation for content in the “Newly Diagnosed”, “Types of Cancer”, “Cancer Treatment” and “Testing” modules.  Clinic-specific content can be provided by the clinic for inclusion or Omni can provide a bid for translation.

Patient Member Center & News Service
At the request of several website clinics we have developed a new application that allows each clinic to send cancer specific news to their patients weekly. This keeps patients in the loop about new developments, builds trust and community and enhances overall use of your website.

Health & Wellness Content
Recent market research conducted by Omni with 1500 online seekers of cancer information found that 54% of those surveyed wanted more information on Nutrition, Exercise, Emotional Well Being, and other general health & wellness topics. To meet this need we have developed a new content section and news service available for license.

Secure Online Forms
This application allows patients to fill out their patient information online in a secure environment prior to their appointment. The personal information that is collected online is transmitted and stored in an encrypted database.  The information collected is made available to an administrator in a secure password protected administration area for offline viewing and printing.

Patient Blog
This application will allow site visitors to post discussion (some restrictions are strongly advised) as well as reply to ongoing discussion.  Discussion topics will be categorized by cancer type and various other categories determined by client.