Health Ambassadors Program


The Women’s Health Ambassador Program

OMNI Health Media has designed the Women’s Health Ambassador program to promote health and wellness and allow individuals and organizations to raise money to fund higher education or a cause. Subscribers who purchase a subscription from a Women’s Health Ambassador:

  • Benefit from relevant, in-depth information about women’s health, wellness, and prevention through quarterly print issues and a monthly women’s health e-newsletter;
  • Help raise critical funds to help cover a woman’s college education costs;
  • Empower other women by promoting health awareness and education;
  • Support a program that provides valuable entrepreneurial experience.

How it Works

  • Ambassadors make money by selling magazine subscriptions to Women magazine: Published quarterly by OMNI Health Media LLC, Women is the premier women’s health and wellness magazine covering health and wellness, prevention and treatment topics related to a variety of common women’s health issues including: cancer, arthritis, bone health, and heart disease. Insightful features also include topics including: general health and wellness, nutrition, fitness, and mind-body topics. Women magazine empowers readers with regard to their own health and recognizes the unique role of women in the overall health of their family and friends.
  • Subscriptions are discounted 30% to $10 per year and include:
    • Quarterly delivery of Women to the subscriber
    • A monthly women’s health e-newsletter
  • Ambassadors make money according to the following schedule with the goal of producing a recurring revenue stream:
    • $6.00 per subscription sold;
    • $1.00 per subscription sold by anyone they enroll in the program;
    • $4.00 per subscription renewal for each year up to 3 years.
  • Our program is unique and unlike other programs in that we are promoting health and not selling cookies, chocolate or nuts, and it allows organizations and individuals to generate revenue that is recurring.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the program

CH Weaver, MD
CEO OMNI Health Media
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